For the past two years, a LOT has been said in regards of CM Punk's UFC debut. Most of the MMA community thinks/hopes Punk gets destroyed. Which in all honesty, is highly probable. But what most people fail to realize is that no matter what the outcome of the fight is Punk has already won.

Look, truth is, we all set goals. We aim for the stars but settle for the next best thing. That's life. But that's not CM Punk.He set a goal, worked his ass off to achieve it, had set backs and troublesome times...but he never gave up, worked through it all and is set to reach a brass ring nobody though he ever would.

Folks made fun of him for signing with the UFC, said he'd never make it through camp or step foot in the cage, that he was just a pro wrestler and not a real athlete....yet here we are just a few short hours away from his UFC debut. Now people are saying he doesn't stand a chance and that Mickey Gall will put him away in seconds.

People forget Punk has proving haters wrong his entire life. Many said he'd never make it professional wrestling. He became a 5 time WWE World Champion, sold more merch than John Cena and got creative freedom in a time wrestlers didn't have that. They said he could never write comic books and be good at it. Guess who's the author of Drax for Marvel, which gets positive reviews every time an issue comes out? You guessed it: CM Punk.

So, to count Punk out tonight is foolish. The dude has been an underdog his entire life, yet has always put in the work to be the best at whatever he does. Whether you like him or not, are pulling for him or got to respect him for stepping in the cage with world class competitors that could kill the average man with their bare hands. His balls are bigger than anyone talking trash about him on the internet. And in my book, that makes him a winner.