What would an NES version of 'Pulp Fiction' look like? Thanks to an epic video from the retro-minded folks at CineFix that turns some of the more memorable moments from the movie into an 8-bit game, we can safely say it wouldn't have made it past Nintendo QA.

The retro homage to the 8-bit era and one of the most influential movies of the past 25 years is heavy on video games gags -- and blood and gore. It is 'Pulp Fiction,' after all.

The harrowing scene where Vincent has to jab a giant adrenaline syringe into an overdosing Mia Wallace's chest to revive her becomes a Madden Football-esque challenge of tapping the proper power and aim. Vincent and Mia's big dance scene at Jack Rabbit Slim's unfolds with 'Dance Dance Revolution' directional arrow prompts. And cleaning out bits of poor Marvin's brain and skull from the backseat of a car is represented as a button mashing mini-game.

Now, if only this 8-bit take on Pulp Fiction was released as a proper game.

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