Quiet Riot has always been a band of tragedy and dysfunction from their formation and rise to fame to their fall from fame and into more dysfunction and obscurity.

Well, things haven't changed much. Seems as though the band lost Kevin Dubrow and hired a lead singer named, Mark Huff.

Since Quiet Riot hasn't been much of a player in the past 30 years, but they play a lot of fun nostalgia show, Mark got his chops sharpened with Quiet Riot for the past few years.

Unfortunately for Mark, he fell ill and required brain surgery...and the band fired him while he was in the hospital?!?!?!?!

From Rock News Desk: "Sacked Quiet Riot singer Mark Huff has lashed out at his former bandmates from his hospital bed, saying the first he knew of his dismissal was when he read a public announcement.
The frontman says he's disgusted at the band's actions in replacing him with former Montrose singer Keith St John. But drummer Frankie Banali says it wouldn't be in Huff's interests to publicise the reason for his sacking.
Soon after Quiet Riot announced their move Huff took to his Facebook page and said: "As I sit in hospital and wait for my brain surgery, I have been let go. And nobody's had balls to tell it to my face. I have to read the news in a post that's not even directed to me. WTF?"


And now, the war of words begins...

Mark Huff: “Let me tell all my friends: don’t count my out. Watch what happens. It’s obvious what I ever meant to this situation. I deserve better treatment. Don’t worry about me, worry about your own bad selves. I am gonna take the high road – I have so much shit I could speak. Stay tuned.”

Frankie Banali: “Mr Huff’s medical condition had nothing to do with the decision that was made, although it is unfortunate that it comes at such a time. His wife assured me Mark would be home this week, and as legal protocol dictated, a certified letter was sent informing Mark of the decision that was made, and why it was made.

I am sure there will be more, but seriously? They haven't had a hit song since 1983 and a hit album since 1986.
“The content of that letter is a private matter unless Mr Huff decides to make the reason for his dismissal public, which I believe would be counterproductive for him.”