Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello expresses his musical schizophrenia with his singer-songwriter side project the Nightwatchman. Morello is releasing the project’s third studio LP, World Wide Rebel Songs, August 30.

While the majority of the proceeding work by the Nightwatchman has been acoustic, this album presents a full electric band. The debut single, "Save the Hammer for the Man," features an appearance from singer-songwriter Ben Harper on guitar and vocals.

"Troubled times call out for troubled songs," Morello told RollingStone.com. "World Wide Rebel Songs is an album of rousing hopelessness, and this time the Nightwatchman has brought along his electric guitar to tip the scales."

As for Rage Against the Machine, reports are emerging that the rap-rockers plan to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year in a major way. As for now, their only date is July 30 at L.A. Rising at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, along with Muse, Rise Against and Lauryn Hill.

Rage Against the Machine’s last album of original material was 1999's The Battle of Los Angeles. They reformed in 2007 after a seven-year break, but since the reunion have only played a handful of show dates.