So, what was the deal with Red Hot Chili Peppers during the Super Bowl 48 halftime show? I was all excited when I heard they were going to be a part of it, but after watching it was kind of a downer for me.

I admire the guys (Flea and Anthony Kiedis, specifically) for braving the cold to perform shirtless. But the vocals weren't loud enough, and the guys did more jumping around than actual singing/rapping. Can we blame the band's late addition and, therefore, a poor sound check? I certainly hope so.

The guys only played one song, the one everyone knows: "Give It Away." Flea's bass lines were right on. But what I did hear of Kiedis' vocals weren't that great, and Josh Klinghoffer's spastic guitar solos weren't up to par with the Chili Peppers shows I've come to expect.

Now, I've never seen RHCP live, so I have no basis for comparison here. But I have had friends tell me that this one was on par with some of their previous live performances.

Of course, the lack of quality didn't deter the crowd (and me, from the comfort of my own home) from rocking out and singing along, which helped a lot. The band also had the help of headliner Bruno Mars and his group, which ended up being a huge bonus.

You guys know how much of a rock fan I am and that RHCP has been on my list of favorites for a number of years. Though I haven't been as impressed with the band's more recent tunes, "Give It Away" is still - to me - one of the best and most memorable songs they've created. It's funky and fun. So my expectations going into last night's halftime show were sky-high.

On another note, I was incredibly impressed with Bruno Mars and his band. They put on a phenomenal show! I especially loved Mars' drum solo at the start of his performance.

I realize the Super Bowl is about the two football teams involved. And that the musical performers aren't battling against each other; they're working with each other. But if they had been competing (and I'll probably get lynched by my rocker friends later for saying this), Mars would have been the Seattle Seahawks and RHCP the Denver Broncos.

One good thing about the Chili Peppers' performance, though: you could tell that at least they weren't lip-syncing.

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