It has been quite a season for the Denver Bronco's "Quarterback" Tim Tebow. He started out the season as the 3rd string quarterback who was lucky to even be on the big boy team, became the Bronco's Savior and led them to the promised land (the playoffs), but the this story ended with the thud of Tebow's head being driven into the frozen turf in Foxboro.

The sad part of this story is as soon as the game ended, the media began turning on it's darling, ripping him to shreds. Saying things like, "He's no quarterback. His days are numbered as the Broncos starting QB" as if these were some kind of groundbreaking revelations. The truth of the matter is, Orton sucked, it was time for a change and it was either him or Brady Quinn. The Broncos took the lesser of two evils.

So, Tebow, if your time in the spotlight has come to an end...just know that even though we don't love or respect you, God always will.