I hate Tom Cruise. I loathe the guy. He's a miserable prick who worships aliens. Also, his new movie 'Rock of Ages' which is a Moulin Rouge-esque musical about the 8o's Hair Metal era, is an embarrassment to metal and metal fans everywhere.

And on top of that they cut the only good portion of the movie out! Apparently, Julianne Hough gave a killer lap dance to Tom Cruise. They cut it out because they thought it was "too much" for female members of the audience.

So, since the ball-less, soul-less pansies at the helm of 'Rock of Ages' didn't have the stones to leave the lap dance scene in the movie (and I use that term loosely), here are the top 5 lap dances in movies. Feel free to add your own and enjoy!


It's Kiera Knightley giving a lap dance...pass the lotion this way please!

30 Minutes or less

It's hard to take anything with Danny McBride seriously...but this chick has a serious ass and I wanna take it.

death proof

This is one Butterfly I want to spread open....

...From Dusk till dawn

Ok...so technically this isn't a lap dance, but it takes place in a strip club and it's frigging hot! I don't think anyone is going to split hairs over this one.


Sure the movie sucks, but the chicks are hot (and they suck too)