Police raided a house in Long Island New York last night and arrested eight people on prostitution and heroin charges.  They also uncovered an awesome list of handwritten instructions for pimps called "Rule's 2 Da game of Hoez!!" Enjoy.























Now, if you can't read that handwriting (we have to give some stuff up to the game) here is the list in a way you can understand:

Rule's 2 Da game of Hoez!!!

#1.)  Alwayz make them need and depend on you so you have power over them.  (Power is control)

#2.)  Make them understand that you don't need them, they need you, and they are replaceable.  Never let them no if you need them deep down inside.

#3.)  Never let no 1 get away with sneakin anything cause once they feel they can get away they will alwayz scheme.

#4.)  No matter how much you like or care for 1 or any of them, don't trust none of them.  (Like "Scarface".  Who do I trust??  Me that's who . . .)

#5.)  Alwayz stay 2 steps ahead of the game you have them playin . . .

#6.)  Don't let them no all your plan's, but alwayz try 2 no there's . . .

#7.)  Make sure you own there mind's, body's, and soul's.  (N test it out every often 2 make sure)

#8.)  Keep your bi on the low as possible when it comes to family and hater's.  (Cause you can't trust none of them)  (--We think bi is an abbreviation for what Snoop Dogg would call a "bee-yotch".)

#9.)  Alwayz try 2 no whatz goin on.  (Make them tell on each other.)

#10.)  Give respect when respect's due.  (Follow these rule's and you should b gucci.)