My favorite classic rock band Rush has been voted the best live act in the world today by Music Radar Readers – and rock and metal bands make up 24 of the top 30 list, while locking out the top 8.

The publication says: “The Canadian trio have been taking their hugely popular brand of progressive rock on the road for nigh-on four decades.

Here are the top 24 Live Acts In The World

“They’re still selling out arenas across the globe. Anyone who’s attended their recent Time Machine shows will confirm Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart are nothing short of captivating for three and a half hours.

“You’d really have to go some to pip Maiden to the post when it comes to theatrics and intensity. And although we’d struggle to pick some of the current members out of a police lineup, there’s no denying when the Guns n’Roses circus comes to town, all eyes and ears are fixated on it.

“Axl might not show, there might be a riot – but rock’n'roll is supposed to be dangerous, right?”

MusicRadar readers’ top rock acts in the world today

1. Rush
2. Iron Maiden
3. Guns n’Roses
4. Porcupine Tree
5. Dream Theater
6. Muse
7. AC/DC
8. Metallica
9. U2
10. Rammstein
11. Foo Fighters
12. Roger Waters
13. Bon Jovi
14. Radiohead
15. Rage Against the Machine
16. Bruce Springsteen
17. Rolling Stones
18. Green Day
19. Paul McCartney
20. Aerosmith
21. Pendulum
22. Black Keys
23. Machine Head
24. Journey