Here's a PERFECT anecdote about how FILTHY bathrooms can get at a truck stop.

(--And why you should NEVER have sex in one. Take your business to the bushes behind the truck stop like the pros do.)

--They're so disgusting, they can BREED NEW LIFE. In South Africa, scientists discovered a brand new life form . . . in a, quote, "filthy" bathroom at a truck stop.

--The scientists found a never-before-seen order of bugs. An order is bigger than a species . . . basically, species fall into an order. The scientists say this is like discovering bats if you never knew bats existed.

--The bugs are small and bright green . . . they look kind of like pear-shaped crickets . . . and they've been named Manto-phasma-todes. The scientists found six unique species in the bathroom and took some to their labs to investigate more.