Van Halen fans have been waiting since 1996 for the original Van Halen to go back in the studio and throw down down new tracks.  Well, keep waiting.  Due to some petty dispute that Eddie has with Michael Anthony, we may never hear from the original Van Halen again.


So we get the next best thing.  The first full album of new material with David Lee Roth since 1984. I'm good with that. I like Van Halen Sammy-style...but VH without Dave, just ain't VH.

You can hear the new single 'Tattoo' on 99X now, and we'll get the new CD,  'A Different Kind of Truth' on February 7th.   Tour plans include dates in Dallas on June 20th, and New Orleans on June 26th - if the volatile band doesn't implode before then.

We're hoping they can keep it together for the entire tour, because the week of January 23rd, 99X is giving you the chance to win tickets for the Dallas show, before they go on sale! Keep your eyes on the website, and your ears on 99X (98.9) for more details on how you can win!

Here's the new video for "Tattoo', and some vintage Van Halen to get you in the mood!!