We’ve heard of custom hood ornaments, but this is ridiculous.

Over the weekend, authorities in Louisiana say that the severed head of a pig was discovered on the hood of somebody's rental car, with no additional evidence to indicate why it had been put there.

According to reports, a police officer found the bloody pig’s head sitting on the front of a 2006 Chevrolet while conducting a patrol through a parking lot at the Lafayette Regional Airport.

Despite the whole gruesome scene, police say that they do not have any reason to believe that bizarre act was meant with ill will and that it was likely just a sick prank. However, a full investigation into who might have committed the crime is currently being conducted.

Incidentally, while the act of leaving behind the body parts of animals on rental cars may seen like a serious offense, authorities say the only thing they could charge the culprit with is criminal mischief – a low-level misdemeanor.

Are we the only ones that feel that something about this story just isn't bacon any sense?