According to a new scientific study from the University of Auckland, sex in difficult places could lead to our next evolutionary step! (I wonder if by difficult places they mean the back of a Volkswagen?)

“According to classic evolutionary theory, sexual reproduction should actually retard a species’ ability to adapt to complex environments and in the long run prevent the evolution of new species,” explains lead researcher Dr Mat Goddard. “But in the real world, sex is a highly successful strategy that doesn’t prevent new species from evolving, so what we see in nature doesn’t tally with the theory. Our experimental work provides the first explanation for this and supports an alternate evolutionary theory.”

The study goes on to say a bunch of stuff I can't really understand because they use a bunch of big words, but I think the gist of this study is "if you bang a lot in weird, unusual or difficult spots, we could learn to adapt to things and make our next evolutionary step."

Which is awesome news, but if your girlfriend is anything like mine, she won't let you put it there either.