Are you one of the people who takes their smart phone to the crapper? I am. So, now maybe you won't ask to use my phone. Seriously, if you do use the phone while sitting on the can, you feel like you are in good company. 75% of all cell phone users are on the phone, for one reason or another, while sitting on the pot.

Most common activities:

  1. Reading texts.
  2. Sending texts.
  3. Taking phones calls.
  4. Making phone calls
  5. Reading emails.


  • 30% of men won’t enter the bathroom without their phone (20% for women)
  • 91% of Americans between the ages 20-35 use their phones on the toilet
  • 1 in every 6 phones is contaminated with fecal matter – disgusting.

Knowing this, more and more holiday shopping is now done online. Seems as though, while you are taking the Browns to the Super Bowl, about 16 % of mobile device owners are shopping for their loved ones, according to a recent survey by CashStar.

I think we shall call this Shop-til-You-Plop. Now you know why 1 in 6 cell phones contain fecal matter.