What's going on?

11 Arrested in Texas for Animal Sacrifice
When officers arrived, they found individuals wearing all white religious garb of some kind. They also found several dead chickens and goats, butchered animal parts, and lots of blood.
The Ark-La-Tex is Short on Welders
Upon completion of the training, new welding hires can expect to earn a starting wage somewhere between $18 and $45 per hour!
Shreveport Could Host the Next Miss USA Pageant
In the next few days, representatives from the State Fair of Louisiana and Hirsch Memorial Coliseum will most likely announce that Shreveport will host the 2018 Miss USA and the Miss Teen USA pageants!
Dad's Don't Babysit!
I know that a dad somewhere has secured a diaper or two with duct tape, but that in no way makes us unqualified parents
Tax Refund Alert: Don't Buy a Monkey Online
Experts suggest you do your research when buying online, and at least pay with a credit card so that you my have better luck than Mr. Abrego when trying to recover your funds if you get scammed.