What's going on?

Air Force to Retire Bombers
The plan, referred to as the "bomber vector," laid out the timeline for phasing out the aging fleet and phasing in the new, advanced bombers to keep the US's air ability at the bleeding edge of tech.
Keurig Buys Dr. Pepper Snapple
Will you be able to brew your own Dr. Pepper? Will hyper-caffeinated Snapple drinks be available in convenience stores?
Are There Pterosaurs in Louisiana?
You may have heard that Louisiana is home to werewolves to vampires, zombies, ghosts, and the occasional Rougarou - but get ready to put all of that behind you, because there is a brand-new crypto-creature in the Bayou State!
Robots Can Read Better Than You
I'm not saying you can't read, I'm just saying that pretty soon your refrigerator will be able to read circles around your inadequate flesh.
Asbestos-Laden Kid's Make-Up Pulled from Claire's Shelves
Let's say you've decided to give it a go because you feel the little flower in your life is ready for her second face. Congratulations! Now you'll have to worry about if the make-up you bought is full of carcinogens.