Tonight is the night to live it up! It's New Year's Eve and what kind of holiday would it be if drinking is not involved?

But as you drink tonight, tomorrow will be a painful experience. Or will it? Here are some helpful hangover cures to ensure your head will not be throbbing tomorrow morning.

According to scientists Michael Moffitt and Gregory Medlock, fatty foods slow down the absorption of alcohol and cuts out any stomach issues you may have. So start your night not with drinking an alcoholic beverages, but by eating fried and fatty foods.

Fried Food

Carbohydrates in junk food provides prevents low blood sugar, and will also prevent any nausea.

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What would we do with out water? It helps us stay hydrated throughout the day. But did you know that it is also important to consume water to keep your vital organs such as your brain hydrated to prevent headaches the next morning?

The pair suggests you drink plenty of water before you head out for the night and before you go to bed.

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Many scientists agree that having a bottle of aspirin on hand is a must. Did you know that aspirin releases prostaglandin, which is a lipid that can create hangovers? Aspirin will stop prostaglandin from attacking your brain. Aspirin maybe purchased at any local drug store in the area.

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Finally, when you first wake up tomorrow morning you must eat a hearty breakfast. Foods such as eggs, have an amino acid cysteine that breaks down alcohol into acetate, which will restore your body from a heavy night of drinking. Bananas are a helpful fruit to keep handy because it is a major source of potassium, which is great for your brain and your body.


Be sure to wash your big breakfast down with fruit juice. Why? Fruit juice provides essential vitamins and fructose to your body to give energy and excrete to nasty toxins from the night before.

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Be safe, and do not drink and drive. Happy New Year!

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