So I am reading Cosmo (because I am a good husband who wants to find new ways to "Make Her Go Wild In Bed") last night and found an article that spells it out for what a lot of us would rather do during the Super Bowl...NOT WATCHING THE GAME!!! Nope, we would rather do "The Nasty".

Sure the Super Bowl is in New Orleans and both Ravens and 49'ers played their asses off this year, but we in the Deep South really care about either team.  What is exciting is the dueling Harbaugh brothers coaching thing, great teams playing, hot cheerleaders, the funny ads ads, and a halftime show that you may actually want to watch (at least Beyoncé's ass...and that is hard to miss), so there is something for everyone.

However, Durex condoms came out with a study that shows that most American's would forgo the Big Game for the foreplay and poon. This study shows that 85 percent of men and 81 percent of women would skip the game for sex.

Now I am no Rhodes Scholar, but I think I can figure this one out. .

  1. Most of the polls are calling the game for the 49'ers
  2. The Harbaugh brothers thing is just publicity to make an otherwise unexciting game, exciting. They aren't the Mannings.
  3. Cowboy Cheerleaders are hotter
  4. All the ads have been put on YouTube
  5. Beyoncé won't show as much skin as she does in her videos...and she will probably lip-sync anyway.
  6. Let's be honest guys, we won't last for the whole game. If we last a full quarter, we impress ourselves.

On top of that, if we REALLY wanted to, we could have sex AND watch the game simultaneously. (Eat pizza or wings at the same time and you have the George Costanza "Trifecta")