I don't know why, but for some reason bikers get a bad rap. People think they are scary or something because they have tattoos and ride loud bikes. Maybe it comes from watching too much TV. But everyone I know in the biker world are great hard-working guys that do wonderful work in the community.

And sadly, we lost a local Gray Ghost yesterday in a tragic accident in Houston.

According to news reports, the accident happened while the riders were trying to avoid a road hazard and then hit a barrier in Houston.

Willie Peters died in the accident, and several other members involved were seriously hurt, losing limbs and getting pretty banged up.

And the crazy part to me, is some of the things people are saying in the wake of this horrible accident. On one of the local news channel's Facebook page, people were just saying some horrible, hateful stuff. Why? Because the guys are in a motorcycle club?

It just doesn't make sense. Yeah, sure these guys live a little bit differently than some of us, but does that make them bad? They are hardworking guys that bust their asses for their family and loved ones. So, maybe they aren't that different from the rest of us.

The Gray Ghost, Bandidos, BACA, Brother's Keepers and other MCs raise tons of money for charity. They help out sick and abused kids, take care of burn victims, veterans, and are otherwise involved in all sorts of other amazing charities.

So, instead of persecuting many for the actions of few and believing TV shows like Sons of Anarchy are gospel of the MC world, remember all the good things they do in the community. They are good family men, no different than me and you.

My thoughts and well wishes go out to everyone involved in this wreck. Rest in Peace Willie and a speedy recovery to everyone that was involved in the accident. Below is the Gray Ghost Mission Statement and a link to the Fallen Rider Foundation.