Although chokeholds are dangerous and are potentially life threatening, Shreveport police say they do not prohibit their officers from using these self-defense techniques against suspects.

Earlier this week, an officer with the NYPD used a chokehold to take down a man he suspected of selling cigarettes illegally. In a video of the incident, you can see Eric Garner taken down by the chokehold and die right there on the street.

Shreveport self defense instructor Bill Pogue recently showed KSLA News 12 the different types of choke holds and which method the NYPD officer could have used to apprehend Garner without killing him. Pogue says the most hazardous method is the air choke. "The air choke, which is dangerous, will crush the larynx and the hyoid bone which could result in death," he said. "That's when the arm comes straight back and crushes the voice box."

Pogue says the officer should have used a choke that cuts off the blood flow to the brain and causes the person to pass out. "You have to be careful not to bring that forearm directly over the wind pipe," he said. "You have to form a wedge, and then they'll pass out without injury."

"Both Shreveport and Bossier City police departments said they have no written policies prohibiting the use of choke holds, nor do they provide training on them. But if an officer is in a life-threatening situation, they may use any tactic necessary to survive," according to KSLA.