Last week,  Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore officially parted ways. Which was sad to see because you just expect a marriage between a semi-retarded man-child and a nymphomaniac granny to work out. It just shows that all of our relationships are in peril.

Anyway, today some interesting news was released that moves Demi a little bit higher on the list of single celebs to hook up with list. Apparently, she needs two and a half (wo)men to please her!

According to Hollywood Gossip, Demi and Ashton had an open marriage where they would bring chicks into the bedroom for both to share! Now, you maybe wondering why the marriage failed. Well, a source said "As long as she knew about it, she was fine. It was the sneaky ones when he got caught that infuriated Demi.”

To sum up this story, not only is Demi hot, rich, and on the verge of death and leaving her fortune to whoever steps up to the plate next, but she is a kinky lady that likes to party. Can someone help me set up a meeting?