All stripper loving men better read this story because it could cost you a lot of heart ache and money! Cleopatra's Lounge, a strip club in West Yorks, England, has hired stage hypnotist Grant Saunders to teach its lap dancers how to mesmerize clients into spending more money.

The club owner said his girls used to made $7500 a week, but in this economy, they're lucky to make $750. Grant said he's teaching them a technique called anchoring to help them open a man's subconscious mind as they speak to him and touch him on the shoulder or knee, and persuade him to buy a lap dance. He said, "It's just about making them better saleswomen."

Whatever happened to the good old days when a chick would show you her boobs and you would decide whether or not to get a lap dance from her based on her looks. I guess strippers just aren't what they used to be.

However, one dancer named Sabrina added, "I never say never to learning anything." And I'm sure it's her intellectual prowess that makes all the boys spend money on her.