Strippers have rough lives. They have to dance, listen to music, hustle unsuspecting drunks...I mean it's tough. But now, all their hard work is starting to pay off!

According to the Kansas Supreme Court, strippers are now entitled to full benefits. The old rule of thinking was that strippers were contract workers, which shielded club owners from having to shell out unemployment, workers comp, etc.

But according to the courts, strippers must be defined as regular club employees because the club 'controls their work rules and schedules when they go on stage.'

This is cool, I guess. I mean, all jokes aside, exotic dancers work hard for their money (could you imagine yourself rubbing an old man's ball bag for 20 bucks? I think not). I just hope this isn't a sign of things to come. God knows I can't afford to start paying for my hooker's health care.