There's nothing quite like the sound of splattering zombie guts and the satisfaction of knowing that the sorry brain-eating monstrosity in front of you will eat no more.

If these 10 songs don't get you pumped to de-animate the walking dead, you might just be a walker yourself.

1. Filter -- "Hey Man, Nice Shot"

2. Texas Hippie Coalition -- "Pissed Off and Mad About It"

3. Korn -- "Dead Bodies Everywhere"

4. Drowning Pool -- "Bodies"

5. Saliva -- "Click Click Boom"

6. Pantera -- "Walk"

7. Slayer -- "Raining Blood"

8. Slipknot -- "Psycho Social"

9. Marilyn Manson -- "The Fight Song"

10. Rammstein -- "Feuer Frei"