An ad agency in Mozambique created a new breast cancer awareness campaign that shows famously busty comic book superheroines, including Wonder Woman, Catwoman, X-Men's Storm and She-Hulk, giving themselves breast self-exams. The caption says with breast cancer, there are no superwomen; everyone must do the exam monthly to fight this enemy. What? There's an enemy that She-Hulk can't pound into pate??? Speaking of pounding, I'm sure comic book geeks the world over are helping the stock of Kleenex skyrocket as you read this.

But I digress. Well-intentioned or not, some female critics say the ads are more skewed to men's fantasies than women's health. One woman said, "Ever notice how public health ads about testicular cancer and prostate cancer don't tend to feature fondle-y, sexualized close-ups of those parts?"

Fair enough. C'mon DDB Mozambique...get moving on that testicular cancer awareness ad staring a fondle-happy Batman and Wolverine. And a campaign where Superman gives Aquaman a prostate exam - with his X-ray vision! - get your mind out of the gay-superhero gutter! Yeah, that last one might have gone too far, but only because it’s based on the assumption that anyone would care about Aquaman.

Enough of the small talk...enjoy the ads...

Breast Cancer Campaign She-Hulk by Maísa Chaves

Breast Cancer Campaign Wonder Woman by Maísa Chaves

Breast Cancer Campaign Catwoman by Maísa Chaves

Breast Cancer Campaign Storm by Maísa Chaves

Each one reads:

Nobody’s immune to breast cancer.

When we talk about breast cancer, there’s no women or superwomen. Everybody has to do the self-examination monthly. Fight with us against the enemy and, when in doubt, talk with your doctor.

BTW, I think Power Girl should get in on this action. I mean, come about someone with a lot to lose!