99X CockFight

Jackyl v ZZ Top – 99X CockFight
Tonight's features what is quite possibly the most epic COCK fight ever! It's the pearl necklace giving, sharp dressed men of ZZ Top defending their title against the chainsaw loving, ho rocking Jackyl! Who wins? Will our station implode? Only time will tell...get your votes in while you s…
ZZ Top v Halestorm – 99X CockFight
In a closely contested CockFight, Halestorm barely beat out Seether to retain their crown. So, tonight it's a battle between old school and new school, when ZZ Top takes on Halestorm. So, who takes this battle between beauty and the beast? Well, that is all in your hands. Get your votes in afte…
Seether v Halestorm – 99X CockFight
Cavo went down last night to Halestorm, making them our new CockFight Champion. Tonight, they defend their title for the very first time against Seether! Who takes it? You tell us. Get your votes in after the jump!
Halestorm v Cavo – 99X CockFight
Cavo, up to this point, have been kicking ass and taking names. But, tonight, they face their stiffest competition yet. They are taking on a chick that may not have the biggest cock in this fight, but she certainly knows how to handle one...tonight it's a battle between two of our favorite bands her…
3 Pill Morning v Cavo – 99X CockFight
Cavo beat out Cherri Bomb Friday night to retain their Championship. Tonight, they defend their title against 3 Pill Morning! Who wins it is all up to you...get your votes in after the jump.
Cherri Bomb v Cavo – 99X CockFight
Cavo, after kicking some Foxy ass, became our new champion last night. So tonight, they defend their title against some women who knows how to handle their instruments, Cherri Bomb. Who wins? That's all up to you, get your votes in after the jump
Crossfade v Foxy Shazam – 99X CockFight
Foxy Shazam pulled off a stunning upset last night, taking down 10 Years to become our new Champion. So, tonight, they defend their title for the first time against Crossfade (who by the way, will be at the Warehouse on June 22nd)! Who takes it - The Flamboyant boys who like big black asses or the r…
Foxy Shazam v 10 Years – 99X CockFight
Last night, 10 Years took down Bush to become our new CockFight Champion. Tonight, they defend their title against one our more...flamboyant and interesting artists, Foxy Shazam. Who wins is all up to you. Get your votes in after the jump.
99X CockFight: The Toadies v Van Halen
I was sitting in the office today trying to think of a good challenger for Van Halen. It's tough to match Diamond Dave, Eddie, Wolfie, and the the rest of the band against anyone, but then I stumbled across their perfect challenger. So, tonight it's a summer time battle between Van Halen's "Sta…
99X CockFight: Van Halen v Megadeth
I've gotten a few phone calls/comments that its not fair letting Megadeth beat up on bands that don't have the name recognition or fan pull that Megadeth has. And you know what, you're right. So, tonight, we have a heavyweight battle between two legendary bands. It's Van Halen ch…
99X CockFight: Shadows Falls v Megadeth
The Legendary Megadeth have been kicking some ass, but in tonight's heavy metal showdown, they faceoff against Shadows Fall! Who wins? You tell us, get your votes in after the jump.
99X Cockfight: Who Takes It?
99X CockFight: Everclear v Black Stone Cherry
Last night's Cockfight was a heavyweight battle that went the full 12 Rounds, but after all was said and done, Black Stone Cherry came out on top as our new champion. So, tonight, BSC defend their title against 90s Alternative Icons, Everclear. Does Everclear still have what it takes to impress the …

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