99X CockFight

Linkin Park v DOWN – 99X CockFight
Last night's cockfight was a full on war with Down coming out on top of the Texas Hippie Coalition to retain their title. Tonight they faceoff against Linkin Park. Who wins? Well, you got to tell us. Get your votes in after the jump.
Texas Hippie Coalition v DOWN – 99X CockFight
Tonight's CockFight is a Heavy Metal, State Line Showdown between two of our favorite bands here at 99X! Louisiana's own Down defends their title for the first time against a band from the other side of the border, Texas Hippie Coalition. Are you getting buried in smoke or are you testing …
DOWN v Papa Roach – 99X CockFight
Over the weekend, Papa Roach took Nigel Dupree to become our new Cockfight Champion. Tonight, right off the bat, they faceoff against metal legends DOWN! Phil and the boys are here to show they still can kick ass. The question is do they have what it takes...well, that's up to you to decide. Ge…
Papa Roach v Nigel Dupree – 99X CockFight
If memory serves me right, before I left for vaction Nigel Dupree took over as our new Champion. So, tonight we get things rolling again when Nigel defends his title against Papa Roach. Who wins? Well that is all up to you...get your votes in after the jump...
Nigel Dupree v Call Me No One – 99X CockFight
Last night, Call Me No One took down Fear Factory to become our new champion. Tonight, they defend their title for the first time against Nigel Dupree. If you don't know Nigel, you may know his daddy Jesse James Dupree, frontman for the legendary Jackyl.
Who wins this battle is up to you. Get yo…
Green Day v Fear Factory – 99X CockFight
Fear Factory took down Fozzy last night to become our new champion. So, tonight, they faceoff against Green Day. Who wins this battles - Green Day or Fear Factory - is all up to you. Get your votes in after the jump.
Fear Factory v Fozzy – 99X CockFight
In a very close, highly contested weekend CockFight, Fozzy pulled off the upset victory over Candlelight Red (although I have the feeling it be the last we hear from CLR) to become our new Champion. So, tonight they face off against their first challenger, Fear Factory. Who wins this battle is all u…
Fozzy v Candlelight Red – 99X CockFight
Candlelight Red's new tune has been kicking ass, winning 3 CockFights in a row. But tonight, they take on the "legendary" metal band, Fozzy! Who wins this battle? Well that my friends is all up to you. Get your votes in after the jump.
Candlelight Red v Digital Summer – 99X CockFight
Tonight's Cockfight is a Sevendust showdown of sorts with both bands are getting a little help from various members of Sevendust. Tonight's challenger, Candlelight Red's new tune (and EP) was produced by drummer Morgan Rose while champion Digital Summer gets a little axe support from …

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