99X Flashback

99X Flashback: Candlebox
Like I told you before, since we are celebrating our 20th Birthday, we are going to take a look back at some of the most important bands in 99X history. Last week, we kicked things off with our good friends Jackyl. This week we take a look at another group of guys we've become extremely close w…
99X Flashback: Jackyl Live At The Warehouse [VIDEO]
Since we're celebrating our 20th Birthday on May 10th, I got to thinking of some of the most memorable 99x moments. We've had TONS of legendary nights over the past 2 decades: SOiL and the Taylortown Massacre, The Pantera Riot of 1995, Type O Negative at Malibu Alley...the list goes on. So from here…
SOiL – 99X Flashback
Since the 99X & TSM Flashback Party is coming up in a couple of weeks, we've been looking back at some of our favorite 99X moments. And how could we take a trip down memory lane with out thinking about Taylortown and SOiL?