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Get Ready For Leather & Lace 2016!
You can’t beat the warm fuzzy feeling of helping folks in need. Especially when you can get that warm, fuzzy feeling just by staring at some hot broads in lingerie.
Nothing More to Play Strange Brew Saturday, June 28
It's been one HELL of a year for our buddies in Nothing More. For years, we've known how awesome Nothing More is. They remind me a lot of Pantera; they are a killer band from Texas that seemingly played in Shreveport every other weekend. And much like Pantera, the guys are finally hitting …
Win an Autographed All That Remains Guitar at Guitar Center This Saturday!
If you are a musician of any sort, be excited because we FINALLY have a Guitar Center (located at 7460 Youree---in the old Sears store)! Doesn't matter if you want your band to sound like Pantera, Puscifer, SOiL, Pop Evil, Saving Abel or anything in between (I hope that you wouldn't want to sound li…