Digital Summer Live at the 99x Studios [PICS & VIDEO]
Digital Summer is in town tonight with Taproot and 12 Stones on the Winter Riot Tour. They swung by the studios to chit chat and play an acoustic set for us. If you missed it on the air, here's everything you missed out on.
Alice In Chains Unplugs in Oklahoma [VIDEO]
I'm sitting at home last Saturday -  debating on whether I'm motivated enough to drag myself to the Filter show at the Warehouse - when I get a text from my friend Clint...
Clint: Hey.  What ya doin?
Red Line Chemistry Visits 99x
Sorry I'm late on posting these photos...but I'll have plenty more from Saturday night's Warehouse show! This was my second time meeting Red Line Chemistry...what a great bunch of guys! I enjoyed their visit to our studios...and I know our VIPs had a great time hanging out for lunch..…
Kopek “Cocaine Chest Pains” Acoustic [VIDEO]
I really dig this band.  They are Kopek and hail from bonny Ireland.  I'm not the only one into them.  SPIN magazine will be featuring them in their "Rising Star" piece coming out in a couple of issues. I found this video of Cocaine Chest Pains and I just had to…