When Did Adjectives Become Nouns?
We all have our pet peeves, right?  Lord knows I have a few, but I think my biggest one right now is with a particular type of advertising ploy.  (The irony of the fact that I'm employed by a commercial radio company is not lost on me, but I'm referring specifically to marketing …
If Tourism Posters Were Honest [PHOTOS]
We've all seen those tourism posters..."Discover the Beauty of Saudi Arabia" - where all the women wear burkas..."Visit Beautiful Bogota" - where the odds of getting capped by a Columbian drug cartel are not in your favor...
New Kia Ad Could Make You Cringe [PHOTO]
I'm all for creative advertising, but there is just something wrong with the new Kia ad. Pure and simple sex sells, but with this ad I'm not even sure what the sex is supposed to be selling. You have to read at the very bottom of the ad to figure out what the point of it is.
Please tell me …
Wrap Your House & This Company will Make Your Mortgage Payments
Photo By Kayla Keys/The Rock Station 99X
We've all seen them around wrapped with advertisements.  I've seen a Hawaiian Punch, Skittles, Air Heads, Sour Punch and Trix car rolling around town.  The ones that make since are the busninesses that do it to advertise their business.  Now, there…
The “King” Has Been Overthrown [VIDEOS]
The creepy King that has been plaguing our nights just before bed, will hopefully soon be out of a job.
Six months ago Burger King was purchased by an investment firm, and got a new CEO and split from their ad agency responsible for the creepy King ads since 2004.