Little Rock Broke Up With Amazon and We Should Too
Little Rock had to be petty, I mean what break up doesn't have a little healthy dose of petty right? They hired an airplane to fly over the Amazon headquarters in downtown Seattle with a banner that read "HEY AMAZON, IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S US. LOVELITTLEROCK.ORG"
There’s Bears In Them Hills Not Too Far From Here
When I think of bears I think of them as living somewhere way north of Shreveport/Bossier, or in traditional places like the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. My daughter came upon a black bear cub on a hiking trail in Smoky Mountain National Park a couple of years ago...
Top 6 Porn Stars From Arkansas [PICS]
A while back, a simple conversation in the office turned into a phenomenon on our website. That conversations led to the investigative pieces to discover what adult film stars are from the states of Louisiana and Texas.
Since everyone loved those posts, we started to look around and ask "Wha…
NCAA College Football – Week 12 Recap
The day started with Lee Corso letting loose an expletive on ‘College Gameday,’ and things just got crazier from there. The BCS was officially thrown into chaos as three of the nation’s top five teams all went down to defeat. #1 LSU remained in the driver’s seat for the title game with another domin…
2011 NCAA College Football – Week Seven Preview
With the autumn temperatures starting to fall, the action on the field is heating up. This week in college football features a key in-state Big Ten matchup, along with top 25 games in the Big 12 and Pac-12. Here are the highlights for this week’s key matchups.

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