Hot Chicks In Fast Cars [VIDEO]
What's better than fast cars and fast women? A big,slow Hummer. But we can't provide that digitally. Here are some hot chicks going for maximum G's in sports cars. Enjoy.
T&A Tuesday! [PICS]
Tuesdays suck. Very rarely does anything fun or interesting ever take place on this god forsaken day. But, we here at 99X firmly believe in making the best of a sh___y situation, so we bring you T&A Tuesdays. Enjoy the girls and hopefully these pics help you 'rise' to the occasion. If you have a…
Michael Phelps Has A New Piece of Gold To Wear – Model Megan Rossee
Michael Phelps has the world by the balls. Not only is he the most decorated Olympic Athlete ever after racking up 22 medals (18 of which were Gold). Not only is the most celebrated pothead and drunk driver ever (move over Snoop Dogg). But now that he is officially "retired", he &n…
Playboy Putting the Masturbation Back Into Magazine [PICS]
Playboy has been a part of pop culture since 1953 when Marilyn Monroe graced the very first issue. But, in recent years, the magazine has been slowly going down the crapper. So, in an effort to save the magazine, Playboy has launched an interesting new ad campaign.
Pantless Monday [PICS]
Monday's generally suck. After spending all weekend long lounging around in our underwear, it's hard to flip that switch and get back to work. So, in an effort to take Mondays back, I want you to take off your pants. Take off your pants, make Mondays fun again, and enjoy yourself...
It’s a 99X Ass-ocolypse! [PICS]
What's better than a GREAT ASS?!?
I can't think of anything, maybe you can. While we wait on someone to think of something better, enjoy these fine pictures. If you have any of your
Hot Pin Up Girls [PICS]
Ever since I was a kid, I've had a love of old school tattoos, classic cars, and hot women. Maybe it's because I have testicles and never listened to the Backstreet Boys, I don't know. But, what I do know, is that it's hard to beat a hot chick with bad ass ink and killer curves..…
Donuts, Anyone? [VIDEO]
I'll give Scion props for this commercial.  I'm not particularly sold on the car...but, all of a sudden, I'm in the mood for a donut.  And a glass of milk.

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