It’s A Beer-Drinker’s Dream–A Beer Pipeline!
While we here in America fight over the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline, the people of Germany are building a pipeline that everyone can get behind.
The Wacken Open Air Festival in northern Germany is the largest heavy metal festival in the world, attracti…
LSU Is Getting An Official Beer, And You Get To Help
Only in America.  The Tin Roof Brewery has been chosen to produce an official beer of the LSU Tigers, and you get to help. You can register to be part of a taste panel that helps select the way the new official beer tastes. Just register at www.TinR...
Chug-A-Beer Challenge
Now THIS is a challenge all men can get behind. I'm not sure how this idea got started but it's pretty epic. Chug a Beer challenge is for all guys who had to deal in one way or another with PMS.

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