Chug-A-Beer Challenge
Now THIS is a challenge all men can get behind. I'm not sure how this idea got started but it's pretty epic. Chug a Beer challenge is for all guys who had to deal in one way or another with PMS.
Louisiana Theaters Could Soon Start Selling Beer
Some Louisiana movie theaters may soon start selling beer. Recent legislation passed by the state Legislature would allow theaters that meet certain requirements to obtain a permit to sell alcoholic beverages.
In order to qualify for this special liquor permit, theaters would have to provide a design…
Great Raft Brewing Named One of the Best New Breweries in America
If you haven't tried any Great Raft Beer, which is brewed is right here in Shreveport, you are seriously missing out. Great Raft makes some fantastic brews (my favorite is called Reasonably Corrupt) and have really started making waves. The brewery was just named one of the best up and coming b…
New Beer Created for an Alcoholic’s Post-Workout
Most health experts will tell you: knocking back a cold one during a workout is not exactly the most opportune way to whip yourself into shape. However, one Canadian brewing company disagrees with that philosophy and plans to show health nuts across the globe a new way to incorporate booze into thei…

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