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How to be a Politician: Chapter 1
This video shows a kid balling his eyes out because he wants to be the governor of New Jersey and can't because he's too small.  He thinks he's qualified and ready and with this display, we think so too. Kid cries over not getting to be governor
Miley Cyrus Sex doll
It's pretty much a rite of passage these days when you're a famous female celebrity: Somebody's going to make a SEX DOLL that knocks off your image.
Worst Blind Date Ever!
We've got a story today out of London that's about the absolute WORST blind date ever. Yes, even worse than the one you had where the person who showed up was an honest-to-God troll. Like, they actually lived under a bridge and everything.
Introducing…The Breastfeeding Doll!!
Remember when those dolls came out that would poop themselves and we all thought THAT was taking things too far? A company called Berjuan Toys in Spain just blew those dolls out of the water. They've introduced a new doll called the "Breast Milk Baby" ...
Rihanna Uses Paint For Something Awesome
You know those short shorts RIHANNA "wears" on the cover of the new issue of "Rolling Stone"? Well, we didn't notice it at first, but they're not real shorts...They're PAINTED ON. And that'ssssssss bad?

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