Hot Babes And Awesome Firearms
Summer is right around the corner, and that means women in skimpy clothing. It's hard to pick up chicks when your chin is on the floor and you have drool falling out of your mouth. Get your game face on and check out pictures of sexy women and beautiful guns...
Pictures Of Hot Guns and Hotter Chicks
It's that time once again to satisfy man's two greatest urges: the desire for high-powered firearms and women so fine you'll slap yo' mama! Chicks and guns -- it's a feast for your eyes, your soul and your loins.
Ta-Ta Tuesdays Are More Than a Mouthful [PICS]
For some reason, instead of getting ass shots for Thong Thursday, we've been getting a ton of boob shots. So, instead of just sitting on them and using them in my personal spank bank, I figured I'd unleash them for the rest of the world to see too.

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