Butcher Babies

Want To Buy Butcher Babies’ Old Tour Bus?
You can find crazy stuff on Craigslist (see here), but most of the time, I don't think you expect to find a full blown tour bus. Then again, I've never perused the Hollywood Craigslist.

Score this beautiful 1986 tour bus for the low price of $40,000...
Butcher Babies’ Singer Releases New Book [VIDEO]
Before she fronted a metal band...before she took her clothes off for Playboy, Skinimax soft-porn flicks, and strip clubs...Carla Harvey of the Butcher Babies worked in hospices and funeral homes (as a mortician, no less!). All of those different experiences form the basis of her new book, &quo…
99X Winners Hang with The Butcher Babies [Photos]
Century Media band The Butcher Babies rolled into The Riverside Warehouse Saturday night (10/5) with Scar the Martyr and Eyes Set to Kill. And 99X winners got to hang out with The Butcher Babies before the show.