car accident

Watch This Guy Hit A Turkey With His Car [VIDEO]
Hitting animals with your car sucks. I've only had one car accident ever, and it was when a deer decided to double back across the road, and slammed into the side of my car. It wasn't that bad, because I avoided the head on crash, so it was something I was able to just pop out...
Insane Russian winter driving [VIDEO]
I've said it 1,000 times, I will say it 1,000 more...I LOVE RUSSIAN DASH CAMS! I'm so thankful for the fact that enough of the Russian population is willing to throw themselves into moving traffic that all drivers need these cams. Because they bring me great joy...
14 Car Pile Up = $4 million
I have lived in a lot of places in my life and every city has different driving habits. From what I have observed:
- Dallas drivers think they are on a NASCAR track and have to be first
- Phoenix drivers are angry
- Montgomery, AL drivers don't stop at stop signs
- Los Angeles drivers employ the "r…