To Pass Or Not To Pass
I was driving on 3132 this past Saturday afternoon, returning from a live broadcast at Premier Homes on Mansfield Road, when I encountered a funeral procession coming down the eastbound side.  As a sign of respect, a number of cars in front of me immediately slowed down and pulled to the s…
Douchebag in Porsche Shows You Exactly How To Not Drive a Porsche
Look, Porsches are top of the line as far as sports cars go. They are luxury cars that can smoke pretty much anything else on the road. The unfortunate part is, the only people that can afford to drive Porsches are douche nozzles with too much money and not enough sense. Case and point, look at this…
Driverless SUV Begins Cross-Country Trip [Video]
Well, we're officially living in the future.
The folks at Delphi Automotive PLC have been working hard over the past years to get their self-driving car ready for the masses.
And if all goes according to plan over the next week and a half, they will be one step closer to that goal.
Russian ‘Stop A Douchebag’ Videos Take Over The Internet [VIDEO]
These guys are hardcore. It's like Jackass, but with morals.
In Russia, driving on sidewalks is apparently a big problem. Big enough that this crew of young men have started a large-scale public war to shame those who do it. Their approach is to block cars driving on the sidewalk, confront the driver…

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