There Really Was A “Shack Outside La Grange”
This afternoon during my usual 2pm-7pm shift on 99X, I played "La Grange".  It's always been my favorite ZZ Top song not only because it rocks really hard, but because it's about a real place.  There was even a Broadway musical written about it, which later beca…
New Orleans Po-Boy Shop Offers Chicken For Reward [VIDEO]
Melba's Po-boy is pretty pissed off at some local graffiti 'artists'. How pissed? Well, they're offering 1,000 pieces of chicken to whoever helps catch these guys. The shop released this security video to help out:
If you have a relative in the Nola area, and they like chicken, yo…
Get Your Chicken, Watermelon and Liquor All in One Place
I frequent New Orleans for a lot of weekend vacays and always pass this shopping center that has everything any Southerner could want for an afternoon picnic.
Chicken and Watermelon, next door to the Hit-and-Run Liquor, is on Claiborne Avenue and the parking lot was packed Friday afternoon.