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Revolver Drops 2013 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Calendar [PHOTOS]
There would be two things I would enjoy about working at Revolver Magazine - aside from all the free music. The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock issue, and The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock calendar. Fappalicious. To my delicious glee, it's time again for the 2013 Hottest Chicks calendar, and one of m…
Rock Babe (R)Octogan [PHOTOS]
In past 'Hottest Rock Babe' challenges, we've pitted Babe vs Babe in a round-robin tournament of sorts. This time, we're pulling out all of the stops. Welcome to the ROCK BABE (R)Octogan!!! 8 go comes out. May the Hottest Rock Babe win!
Lacuna Coil Issue Update on Dark Legacy Tour
Lacuna Coil continue to issue personal updates informing fans of what’s going on in their world. The latest came in the form of a two-minute video courtesy of beautiful frontwoman Cristina Scabbia. The lovely singer filmed the clip while getting ready for a gig in Sardinia. She was s…
Hottest Rock Babe [PHOTOS]
In the last 'Hottest Rock Babe' challenge, Amy Lee's (Evanescence) used her international fan base to bump off Lzzy Hale (Halestorm).  This time, Amy won't have that advantage, as she goes up against an Italian metal goddess, Christina Scabbia of LaCuna Coil!
Lacuna Coil Release Studio Footage
Italian melodic metallers Lacuna Coil have been incredibly generous, sharing updates and footage of the creative process for several months leading up to their new album ‘Dark Adrenaline,’ the release date of which is right around the corner. In the footage posted below, head-turning singer Cristina…