Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria v Digital Summer – 99X CockFight
After a close, highly contested weekend CockFight, Digital Summer took down Dirge Within to become our new Champions. So, tonight Digital Summer defends their title for the first time against Coheed and Cambria. Who wins it is up to you...get your votes in after the jump!
Coheed and Cambria v Machine Head – 99X CockFight
The Deftones destroyed the competition last week to be retired to the 99X Rock Cock Hall of Fame. So, tonight, we have two new combatants stepping in the pit. Tonight, it's Coheed and Cambria taking on Machine Head. Who wins, is up to you. Get your votes in after the jump.
Damn Rockstars And Their Drugs
Another rockstar has met the unfortunate fate of being busted for drugs. However, this guy wasn't busted in the typical, run of the mill "I got smashed and ran over a hooker" way. No, this is way worse and way more sad.