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Marvel Comics Gives Louisiana It’s Own Avenger
Thanks to Marvel Comics, Louisiana has it's own Avenger!
OK, so this is honestly just a big money grab. Marvel Comics is launching a new title called U.S.Avengers, which will follow a new national Avengers team that will take up for the fallen S...
Comic Book Series You NEED To Be Reading
I'm a big comic book fan and I run into people all the time who love comics. But, right now, there are TONS of great series in stores. Below is the list of stuff I'm reading right now.
1. Nailbiter
To me, this is probably the BEST series running right now...
Geek’d Con Guest Spotlight: Maurice LaMarche
Geek4Life's Geek'd Con is just about a week away and it's going to be an awesome event with great guests like Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Jeremy London (Mallrats), Jim Cummings (Winnie the Pooh) and more.
The Comic Book Movie We Deserve: Deadpool! [VIDEO]
I got to give Fox a round of applause...after screwing the pooch as far as Deadpool is concerned in the Wolverine Origins movie, it appears that the company has made a true to form Deadpool solo movie that just looks god damn amazing! How am I suppose to wait another 6-8 months for this movie...
Top 5 Songs Inspired By Superheroes [VIDEO]
Musicians (rock bands in particular) fully embraced the nerd side decades ago and never really let go. Need proof? Here are some the best superhero- (and comic book-) inspired songs!

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