I Don’t Like This Kid (OK, I Do, but He Makes Me Feel Bad)
So I can't really cook. Who among us can really cook? More than Pop Tarts or popcorn.
Anyway, I've tried to cook, but I've burned burgers, simple burgers, along with a ton of other dishes. Basically, my smoke alarm doubles as a cooking timer when I'm in the kitchen...
Video of Hot English Chef Nigella Lawson Talking Dirty
What man doesn't love woman who knows how to cook? I mean, seriously, it's fantastic! But finding a woman who knows how to cook who's also smoking hot? Even better. Here's British Chef Nigella Lawson cleverly edited to say some sensual things.
This is Why You Shouldn’t Get Drunk and Cook [VIDEO]
We all get drunk and then get odd food cravings. My advice to extinguish these needs is to eat at Waffle House or order a pizza because cooking could be not only be a dangerous adventure but one of complete and utter chaos.
But, if you feel the need to cook when drunk, get lessons from My Drunk Kitch…
8 Reasons Why Guys Should Learn To Cook
Some guys I know don't consider cooking a worthwhile venture. Besides the occasional stint behind the grill, they'd rather bask in blissful ignorance than feed themselves in more than three steps: stab, chew, swallow.
But ask any woman (or man that already knows how) why it is better to be a kitchen …

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