Cosplay of the Day

Xianghua (Soul Calibur 2) – Cosplay of the Day
Xianghua is one of the most beloved characters in the Soul Calibur series. This pint-sized fighter has some of the most graceful moves and can even hurt you by throwing a temper tantrum. But her range of ornate costumes over the years has earned her a spot as a perfect Cosplay of the Day
Shiva (Final Fantasy 10) – Cosplay of the Day
Shiva is one icy lady, but her recurring appearance throughout all of Final Fantasy's illustrious history has made her a fan favorite. And it seems that with every iteration of this frosty summon, she only gets more attractive, making her perfect as a Cosplay of the Day.
Azura (Skyrim) – Cosplay of the Day
Today's Cosplay of the Day stars a character that you never actually ever see in the game. Azura, the Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn, speaks to the Dragonborn through a statue in Skyrim, ordering the hero to do his/her bidding. But now Azura's been given a fleshy avatar to work with, so l…
Orchid (Killer Instinct) – Cosplay of the Day
Got a bit of a throwback in today's Cosplay of the Day as we put the spotlight on Orchid, from the classic fighting game, Killer Instinct. If you didn't believe you could have a crush on a video game character, you'd probably believe it after righting as this green-clad fighter.
Captain Scarlett (Borderlands 2) – Cosplay of the Day
Captain Scarlett is one of the downloadable content characters available to players of Borderlands 2 and now she's our Cosplay of the Day. She's got an eyepatch, a hook for a hand, but still manages to look pretty darn attractive. I guess when it comes to living on Pandora, the bold and th…
Zelda (Twilight Princess) – Cosplay of the Day
We just can't get enough of Princess Zelda these days, and who could blame us, given that she's so legendary (bad pun, we know). As always, we love seeing different cosplayers' versions of her many different looks. In today's Cosplay of the Day, we have another Twilight Princess …
Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy 7) – Cosplay of the Day
Tifa has got to be one of the most famous Final Fantasy icons of all time. We may have met her as the proprietor of the 7th Heaven bar in the Sector 7 slums, but she quickly grew to become a legendary figure in the hearts and minds of role-playing game fans around the world, making her a prime candi…

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