Cosplay of the Day

Hilde (Soul Calibur 4) – Cosplay of the Day
Hildegard von Krone has a pretty badass name and is very much a badass herself. She's a fairly new character in the Soul Calibur universe and is usually seen in her wolf-like armor. Well, when we saw someone recreate her amazing, armored look, we knew we had to feature her as a Cosplay of the D…
Katarina (League of Legends) – Cosplay of the Day
We're big believers in quality over quantity over here at Arcade Sushi, and so sometimes we'll come across a cosplayer who might not have many photos or a wide variety of cosplays, but instead displays great mastery of their craft. We've found one such cosplayer who's got a cospl…
Gaige (Borderlands 2) – Cosplay of the Day
Shooting and looting may be the name of the game in Borderlands 2, but what about the overlooked mechanized mayhem that can occur? Thankfully, our Cosplay of the Day is Gaige, the Mechromancer, who can tell us all about the finer points of engineering.

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