Crucified Barbara

Crucified Barbara releases New Video for “To Kill a Man” [VIDEO]
O.K. We admit it. We LOVE Crucified Barbara here in Office 420 at the 99X Rock Ranch. What's not to love about four Swedish chicks that rock balls and look pretty damn good doing it. We've been known to hang out here after hours sipping Mac 12 and watching their videos into the wee hours..…
Deuce v Crucified Barbara – 99X CockFight
I guess it pays to be heavy, hot and Swedish because Crucified Barbara have been kicking ass and taking names the past few night. But tonight, they faceoff against their stiffest competition yet, Deuce! Who wins this battle is up to you, get your votes in after the jump!
Crucified Barbara v P.O.D. – 99X CockFight
Since the Rolling Stones have entered our Rock Cock Hall Of Fame and our regular rotation, it's time for two new competitors to step into our pit. Tonight we have Crucified Barbara taking on P.O.D.! Who wins this battle is up to you. Get your votes in after the jump.