Puff’s Playlist: Essential Phil Anselmo
Yesterday, Phil Anselmo and Down released their first taste of their up coming EP 'Down IV Part II' called "We Knew Him Well". And, as most of you know, Shreveport and Phil Anselmo have history that goes way back in the day to his first band Razor White and his first gig ever with Pantera.…
Kirk Windstein Exits Down To Focus on Crowbar
Kirk Windstein, who has been a member of Down, Crowbar and Kingdom of Sorrow, has apparently stepped away from Down to focus on Crowbar. He's the vocalist and also plays guitar for Crowbar, whose last album was 2011's 'Sever the Wicked Hand.'
Down Working On Material for a New Record
New Orleans super-group Down has apparently reconvened at Phil Anselmo’s studio, the infamous Nodferatu’s Lair, to begin writing some new material for the band’s follow-up to their “Purple” E.P.
In the Kitchen With Phil Anselmo: Cooking Hostile [VIDEO]
The internet is full of dumb stuff. Some of it mildly amusing, but most of it just mind numbingly stupid. But every once and a while you find a gem. Case and point, this awesome cartoon of cooking with Phil Anselmo! The only bad part is I REALLY want one of those 'COOKING HOSTILE' t-shirts…
Down Debut Weird New Video for ‘Witchtripper’ [VIDEO]
It's been a busy week or so for Phil Anselmo and the boys from Down. Last Tuesday, they released their new EP, DOWN IV PART I and kicked off their tour in Dallas. Today, they debuted their new music video for the first single off of DOWN IV, 'Witchtripper' on FUSE TV. If you don't have Fuse or you j…
Down Are Releasing New Record, Playing In Dallas Next Tuesday!
Phil Anselmo & company are dropping the first part of their new album, DOWN IV PART I,  next Tuesday September 18th. Which is awesome in it's own right. I mean, what's better than some sludgy, dirty, New Orleans inspired Metal? Well, how about all that awesomeness pummeli…

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