How Does Rick Allen Do It?
Are you aware that Def Leppard's biggest success came with the "Hysteria" album, which was AFTER drummer Rick Allen lost his arm? How exactly does a drummer play with only one arm?
Do You Need A Drummer For Your Band? Here You Go…
Posting unique ads in magazines and online can lead to great things. It's how Mick Mars got hooked up with Motley Crue, Ozzy with Sabbath, etc.. This fella here is a drummer looking for a gig...I think he'd fit in perfectly with Spinal Tap. What do you think? Can you use him?
Now This Is Dedication To The Arts [VIDEO]
Nothing says "I am the most dedicated person in the group" than puking after your spotlight performance. I am guessing this guy's yak was so loud that the back row had to turn around an see what was going on.
Was it nerves or was this dude really sick, I have no idea...
Travis Barker’s Solo Album Coming Soon
Ok Guys, I'm really pumped about this album.  We all know Travis Barker can be considered one of the best drummers of our time.  I would even go as far as saying he has a better edge on the drums than Tommy Lee and we know Tommy is freaking talented...