Fails Of The Week [VIDEO]
I've had people ask me, "Why do you post those 'Fail' videos all the time?"

It's to make me feel better about myself. I, too, am a clumsy, double-left-footed, spaztastic, walking accident.

I just choose to NOT ride a bicycle off of a roof.
We are all encouraged to "have fun" at work. Even at the most "not-fun" jobs, bosses tend to throw that around hoping to increase productivity and decrease disgruntled employees burning to place to the ground. Some people, however, confuse "have fun" with "be a stu…
13 Unfortunately Placed Price Tags
Having done our fair share of time in retail, we're willing to bet these price tag placements were all intentional -- probably done by some poor soul about 10 days away from quitting their job. Doesn't make them not funny.
12 Hilarious Breakup Texts
It doesn't matter which way we spin it; breaking up stinks. (Unless, of course, you're the breaker-upper, in which case it's like a cause for celebration.) Either way, cutting the relationship cord has gotten a bit easier ever since text messaging hit the scene. As it turns out, break…
11 Panoramic Photo Fails That Will Freak You Out
Taking good pictures is a really tricky skill to perfect, yet when photos are shot correctly, they can be awesome. (See: photobombs and perfectly-timed versions). But there is a bright side to photography failure -- sometimes it can create a weird and strangely entertaining creation. Cue: panor…
19 Fails That Probably Cost Someone Their Job
Listen, we get it. Of all people, we get it. Sometimes you let an errant comma slip. Maybe you don't notice that something is a sentence fragment because you're riding the waves of hangover nausea. We understand that sometimes being an editor is rough, but how the how do you wind up with a…
It’s Damn You Auto Correct’s One Year Anniversary!
Damn You Auto Correct just feels like it's been around FOREVER, but in reality it's only been around for one year. To celebrate their big anniversary, they created a Top 25 list of the best auto correct fails of the past year. Enjoy!